US Trip ’07: Atlanta Cyclorama

Atlanta Cyclorama May 25, 2007. The first place we went to was the Atlanta Cyclorama in Grant Park, Atlanta. A cyclorama, as the name suggests, is a cylindrical piece of art or backdrop. The Atlanta Cyclorama is, apparently claimed by some as the “world’s largest painting,” and is indeed a very huge piece of art wrapped in a cylindrical chamber. In the middle of this cylindrical chamber is a rotating audience area, which rotates around the cyclorama while a taped narrator discusses the history behind the painting and the various trivia regarding the items depicted in the painting.

Honestly, this one was really boring. Our family barely know anything about the American Civil War, and I couldn’t care less about all the intricacies and side stories of the various people involved in the Battle of Atlanta.

Though the museum and the ‘show’ was largely historical in focus, and largely irrelevant for Filipino tourists, we still of course appreciate my aunt bringing us there. Entrance fee is at $7. Just right next to the Atlanta Cyclorama is the Atlanta Zoo. We didn’t go there, as we weren’t interested. We simply went back to Loganville and had lunch with Tita Nene’s family.

After lunch, we went to downtown Atlanta to visit the Georgia Aquarium and the newly-opened World of Coke.

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