US Trip ’07: Atlanta to New York

May 27, 2007. It was Memorial Day weekend. My aunt and her family brought us and saw us off from Hartfield Jackson Airport in the morning, a few hours before noon. At the security check, our boarding passes were marked with special markers, and we were brought into these special glass cubicles. It’s “SOP,” I suppose, for suspicious-looking people like us, however subjective their standards are. I don’t know. For certain, most of the other domestic passengers didn’t go through all that hassle.

Anyway. By this time, I’ve come to particularly enjoy loitering around airports while waiting for boarding time. There’s this certain leisure in watching other passengers and looking through the shops.

leaving Atlanta

Our Delta Airlines flight to New York took around five hours. New York and Atlanta are on the same time zone, so there’s no additional jet lag, though I did get to catch a few hours of sleep on the plane.

We arrived at Terminal 3 of the JFK Airport at a few hours past noon. We were stalled for a moment at the baggage claim area apparently because one of our luggages was forcibly opened and inspected. Admittedly, the particular luggage was frozen because it contained boxes and boxes of cold hopia from Binondo in Manila. None of them were missing, thankfully–though, the forced inspection of the luggage deemed it unusable. It was wrapped in meters of packaging tape when we got it.

We were picked up by a transport service that brought us from the airport to our hotel. We passed through Queensborough then across Queens Bridge to Manhattan. We arrived at Edison Hotel, just a few steps from Times Square, after some minutes of traffic through Manhattan’s streets.

After unpacking a bit, we immediately left our hotel and walked to Times Square to look for a place to have lunch. We eventually settled for something familiar, big servings of Italian fast food at Sbarro’s.

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