US Trip ’07: Brief SFo roundabout (II)

Ghirardeli ChocolatesMay 30, 2007. After strolling around the Palace of Fine Arts and the surrounding affluent and picturesque neighborhood, we drove to San Francisco’s old industrial district and walked to Ghirardelli Chocolates. It’s the first time we’ve heard about the brand and the apparently famous San Francisco landmark. My aunt told it’s quite a renowned class in that part of the world. They were serving free samples of their chocolates in the store. And sure enough, there were hoards of tourists within the premises of the store and the old factory compound.

San Francisco

Crooked Street, San FranciscoAfter purchasing customary souvenir chocolates from Ghirardeli, my aunt drove us to the renowned crooked street. If there’s one thing I noticed in our driving around San Francisco, is that the city is a very steep and hilly city. Streets go up and down steep slopes like some roller coaster path. It would be a nightmare for a driver who’s not used to manual gear and hanging positions.

Anyway, we actually drove down through crooked street. As a passenger in the vehicle, it wasn’t that much of an experience. It would probably be more exciting if one were the driver. I also wondered why that certain part of the street had to be crooked, when the rest of the street was a straight path with similarly steep slopes. I didn’t get a satisfying answer, but I left it at that.

Our next stop was Coit Tower near San Francisco’s downtown. It’s one of the highest points in the city, and it was where you could get a good panoramic view of the area, including the city’s downtown. It was about to close when we got there, since it was about to turn eight in the evening. The sun was only about to set but it was still as windy and as cold as ever (to think it was the beginning of the summer season in the US).

San Francisco view from Coit Tower After a long day loitering around San Francisco, we drove an hour back south to Campbell.

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