US Trip ’07: Briefly in Alcatraz

San Francisco skyline
May 31, 2007. After another hearty breakfast at my aunt’s apartment in Campbell, California, we drove back north to San Francisco and to one of the piers along the bay to board a ferry to the infamous Alcatraz island in the middle of San Francisco Bay.

We were at the island a little before noon, and we spent an jour or so going around the island. Again, as with many other tourist attractions in the US, I honestly think there’s nothing quite significant in Alcatraz, come to think of it, it’s simply a historical prison in the middle of the sea. We are conditioned to want to see it, and spend money to do so, because of our over-consumption of American entertainment. There had been, of course, a number of blockbuster films that featured Alcatraz and its notorious prisoners.

Alcatraz island It was pretty freezing and windy in Alcatraz and it caught me by surprise. That’s apparently normal. And the waters that surround the island are also said to be, similarly as freezing cold. There were also, amusingly, swarms of gulls, or whatever you call them sea birds. The island is apparently a protected sanctuary for these creatures. The ferry ride, by the way, made my brother and I quite dizzy.

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