US Trip ’07: Night Bus Tour of NYC

May 27, 2007. After an almost two-hour loop bus tour around Manhattan’s downtown, I wanted to make most of our ride-all-you-can ticket and hop on a night loop tour around Manhattan and part of Brooklyn. My parents and my brother however, wanted us to catch up on jet lag and stay at the hotel. I was told I could go if I can handle being alone in such a foreign place. Wow, they might have not known, but that’s just my thing actually. The freedom to wander off and not be too restricted.

So hop on a bus alone I did. The tour around Manhattan and Brooklyn at night took around two hours.

The bus went through an almost-similar route as the downtown Manhattan loop tour, except that the bus eventually crossed Manhattan Bridge into Brooklyn. It started drizzling in the middle of the tour, but it was okay, even though I stayed on top of the double decker bus. It got pretty cold and windy that night, in contrast to the summer heat during the day.

There was a minor thrill with taking the tour by myself. Though it would probably not happen in a guided bus tour, I would’ve wanted to get lost. I didn’t have any maps in case I do, nor a cellphone to keep in touch. By the way, you may view all the pictures here. I was able to get myself back to our hotel room eventually. My brother and my dad were, as always, already asleep. My mom, on the other hand, was watching a live telecast of Miss Universe. And I, after changing into more comfortable clothes, dropped dead asleep beside my brother.

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