US Trip ’07: Photo ops with the Golden Gate

May 30, 2007. After having a hearty breakfast at the apartment, Aunt Lydia took us to Muir Woods a few hours drive north of San Francisco. We passed by San Francisco proper on the way there. It was the first time we actually got to San Francisco itself. It was really chilly, in fact, much cooler than the temperature in Atlanta and New York.

Golden Gate Bridge

On the way, we dropped by a few vista points to see the Golden Gate Bridge and have photos taken at various angles. The first vista point was at Presidio, which was quite a distance from the bridge itself. We then proceeded towards the end of the bridge itself at the San Francisco side. When we crossed the bridge, we had more pictures taken at the other side. There was quite a crowd then that time, and TV crews. There was some news that day about some stray and sick whales stranded at San Francisco Bay, hence the news crews and onlookers.

Golden Gate Bridge

After a few minutes, we continued driving north of the Bay Area into low lying seaside mountains into Muir Woods, where the air is crisp and cold, but the wind wasn’t as strong as when we were in San Francisco.

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