US Trip ’07: Rock City and Lookout Mountain

May 26, 2007. It was a sunny Saturday. We left Loganville, Georgia with my aunt, her husband and their kids (my second cousins) at past nine in the morning. It took us a long four and a half hour drive north of Georgia to its border with Tennessee. It was our first long drive in the US.

Rock City is a private theme park of sorts on top of Lookout Mountain–a garden of sorts with many boulders and rocks, hence its name. The space between these boulders and rocks served as the park’s intertwining paths and walkways. The park is divided into various attractions, which children might enjoy more. The walkways in between large rocks are cool, literally, and passing through them is a brief but welcome relief from the heat of American summer. After walking around the park, we met our relatives outside and had lunch at the park’s pubic picnic area near the parking lot.

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