US Trip ’07: Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty

May 28, 2007. When our cab dropped us at Battery Park, we were met with a mile-long line leading to the jetty where tourists board on a ferry to Liberty Island. Normally that would discourage me from pursuing the trip. But see, western literature has conspired to make all of us feel the need to step foot on landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty. We couldn’t just go to New York and not go to the famed statue. Fortunately, there were street performers and other tourists to watch in amusement. And the line also moved steadily and surely.

Before getting to board the ferry, everyone had to go through a security check similar to the system used in airports. I guess for being such an important national symbol of America, it is vulnerable to anti-American attacks by anti-American terrorists (note the anti-American qualifier).

The ferry ride to Liberty Island took roughly ten minutes. When tourists get there, they’re free to explore the small island. We lined up for the queue that lead inside the statue and up to the torch, but apparently people had to acquire entrance tickets to the statue a week or more before. We had a quick lunch of overpriced salami sandwiches and coffee at the island. After which, we dropped by the souvenir shop to complete the tourist experience.

We boarded a ferry back to Manhattan an hour or so past noon. The ferry stopped by similarly famed Ellis Island, but we didn’t get off anymore. We got back to Manhattan a few minutes later.

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