US Trip ’07: Tita Nene’s at Loganville, GA

May 24, 2007. From the airport, we were picked up by Tita Nene, my dad’s cousin, whose family has migrated to America, to Loganville, Georgia to be exact.

They were our hosts for the duration of our stay in Georgia. We actually got stalled at the airport for a while because one of our luggage got lost in the airport. We were able to retrieve it, thankfully, after half an our of searching the entire baggage claim area.

From the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, we drove off to my aunt’s home in Loganville, which is a little more than an hour away from Atlanta. The house they live in, where we stayed for the few days we were in Georgia, was in a well-paved and landscaped subdivision in the middle of what felt like a very rural area of Georgia, with rolling meadows, white picket fences, small barns and cows grazing on green grass, and a handful of Baptist churches here and there.

We didn’t do much on our first day in the US. We just stayed at my aunt’s home, slept and had dinner with them. Ironically, the first meal we had in the US is kare-kare, and the first TV show we were able to watch was Wowowee. Hehe. The next day, we start our tour of Atlanta. That’s for the next blog entry.

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