Who was abducted?

Yesterday, I received more than a dozen forwarded text messages from friends in Mass Comm about a certain abduction that happened that morning within the college’s premises. The victim has not been identified, but witnesses have taken note of the car, which the abductors also seized, and its plate number. Throughout the day I’ve been receiving more than a dozen calls and text messages from friends who asked about my whereabouts or if I was okay. I highly appreciated the concern, though I sort of wondered why I was one of the first persons that came to their minds. Am I perceived to be that much of an “activist,”? Is it because I’m a frat member and the incident was probably frat-related? Or is it simply because they thought I drive the same car?

In any case, I’ve been scouring for more news and details about the said abduction, to no avail. Either way, I do hope it’s not another incident of political harrassment or fraternity violence.

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