US Trip ’07: Driving down Highway 1

Bikoy being emo along Highway 1

June 1, 2007. The next day, from Campbell, we drove down and entered California’s Highway 1 to Southern California, renowned to be one of the most scenic drives in the United States. Boy, it was a long, long drive down south to the Los Angeles area.

The scenery are indeed scenic but it can get quite boring after a while, since you drive through the same picturesque scenes for hours on end. First, we drove through zigzagging roads on seaside redwood-covered mountains. After more than five hours on the road, we stopped by this seaside area in the middle of nowhere where there were giant elephant seals lying on the beach. As with areas near the coast it was really windy and cold.

along California's Highway 1

along California's along Highway 1

We left Campbell a few hours before noon. By seven in the evening, we’ve reached the very small town of San Simeon. We spent the night in one of the motels along the coast before continuing on our drive to Southern California. While all my other companions snoozed off before dinner, I walked off and loitered. Sat down in one of the benches along the sea and just watched the sun set. And there was emo me, thinking, across this vast vast ocean is home.

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