US Trip ’07: Sta. Monica beach, CA

Santa Monica Beach, California
June 3, 2007. This was a relatively lazy Sunday. We stayed home most of the morning. While my parents went to do the groceries for breakfast and lunch, my brother and I stayed and watched TV, amused of all those amazing HDTV features available at the apartment.

After having home-cooked lunch, we headed off to the commercial district of Sta. Monica for my parents’ shopping. While my parents were at Macy’s, I strolled down to the beach and took some photos. After quenching their commercial thirst, my family joined me at the beach a few blocks from the department store. We had some churros while strolling.

Santa Monica Beach, California
When we got home, my aunt asked my third cousin’s husband to accompany me to the Apple Store at the promenade on 3rd Street. And that was when we bought this wonderful Macbook I’m using right now. When we got home, I could barely sit down and eat the lamb chops we had for dinner, because I was too excited to play around with the Mac. I spent the entire night tinkering with this.

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