MCO Night ’07

UP Mass Communicators Organization

I attended our UP MCO anniversary dinner last Friday. I wasn’t supposed to be able to attend but thanks to Con and Patty, I was able to come. And I’m really grateful I did. Ang saya.

As I’ve shared before, when I’m with my MCO orgmates, there’s barely a moment I’m not laughing my heart out. Busog na ko sa pagkain, busog din pati sa tawa. Sigh. Last year, we also had an MCO Night, a first since I became a member in 2004. Everybody had fun last year too, much to the expense of some MCO boys including me when, um… we were forcibly made to dress in drag and compete in a beauty contest ala-Miss Eng’g. Fortunately, I can account for the handful of people who have pictures from the event, including me. In case any of those embarrassing and humiliating pictures come out, I have tick list.

Oh, since there wasn’t a “Binibining MCO” pageant this year, I guess the title stays with me. Haha! Oh boy. [You may view the pictures from this year’s (not last year’s) MCO Night here.]

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