Still here

July 22, 2007. It’s been quite an eventful two weeks, though as much as I would like to share the new things I’ve experienced, I feel like they are best left to oral tradition and narration. Read, frat related.

So what’s the point of this blog entry. Nothing. Let me just break the blog hiatus. It feels weird that I’m actually spending a slow time at home, in my room. I really miss this. There are actually a lot of things I’ve been missing. Going through pictures I’ve taken since my freshman year in UP made me miss those first years of my college life a lot. How very different college life is now. I’m a college senior now. I just submitted drafts of my thesis proposals. And whoa, I’m a frat member. I wouldn’t have imagined this back then. Haha. Okay, I’m just blabbing now. I’ll go hit my readings now. I missed them too.

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