Alin ang mas matimbang

August 8, 2007. There was a time when I couldn’t care less when I see news of residential demolitions on TV. I used to subscribe to the idea that it must be done for “aesthetic purposes” and for infrastructure projects that’s supposed to facilitate economic development. Those, or I couldn’t care less.

Last Thursday afternoon, while lounging at the basement of Vinzons Hall with some friends, an unusual commotion along Tandang Sora caught our attention. There was an ongoing demolition of the Balara residents’ establishments along the road for the supposed expansion of Circumferential Road 5 (C-5).

It really is something to witness personally their tragedy and hear them express their anguish than to watch these things on 30 second briefs in primetime news. It’s despicable how the government can easily trample of the rights of the marginalized for mere aesthetic purposes and for infrastructure that only serve the privileged. What can get more infuriating is when you witness yourself how government ‘mercenaries’ violently insist on taking away everything from their carts, to the goods, to the money, to the tiniest block of ice. And even within the borders of the university, which is illegal. Interestingly, the Ayala Heights golf course will remain untouched.

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