Class suspensions and courtesies

I have mixed feelings with the string of suspension of classes the past days. I wouldn’t mind taking a break from school routines, which I’ve realized, because of all the affiliations I get myself into, consist more of extra-academic duties.

On that note, let me just share that there are times when I feel like I’m not in UP to study anymore but to perform my roles and duties in my orgs, in my frat and in my political party. Attending classes and fulfilling academic requirements become a side line. If my day in school is a pie chart, attending classes and studying does not even eat close to half. I just try to console myself that as long as I keep my cum laude-standing average till March, I’m okay. Again, this goes back to what I said about myself being unable to say no.

Last Wednesday, my brods and I pushed through with our courtesy call with the campus’ Vice Chancellor despite the rains and the suspension of classes. The usual pleasantries transpired. It can feel quite odd for me though, whenever we talk about, say, campus policies which, I, together with my political affiliation, don’t agree with and I end up submitting to the courteous nods and smiles instead of engaging our dear vice chancellor in lengthier discussions. This, by the way, came a month after our courtesy call with the University President.

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