Downtown loitering

After bringing a brod of mine and his wife to their testing centers for their first day of medical board exams last Saturday, I continued driving through Recto till I made a left somewhere and found myself pleasantly lost in Binondo. Somehow, I found myself along Escolta. I decided to park along the famed bygone avenue and just started walking.

Regina Building along Escolta

At the end of Escolta, I found myself walking into Sta. Cruz Church to say a few prayers before walking off to Plaza Carriedo. Soon enough, I found myself walking along Avenida Rizal, which has just been re-opened to vehicular traffic. It was early in the morning, so shops weren’t open yet.

There’s something peculiarly pleasant with walking around these parts of Manila and re-imagining them as places your parents and grandparents use to frequent, as places mentioned frequently in books by say, Sionil Jose and in other similar literature.

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