Kuripot sa sariling pagkain

Let me share with you how I save a few pesos every day from lunch. Well, aside from skipping it altogether sometimes, I usually go to the Mass Comm cafeteria at the last few minutes of everyone’s lunch break. Why? That’s when some of the viands are on their last servings. Because they’re the last servings, I often get to ask the servers to give me all the last morsels of meat and vegetables or the last spoonfuls of sarsa. Yea, the last servings are the biggest.

Often times too, the vegetables and the sauce are the only things left in say, a whole batch of kare-kare, for example. So I get the viand for half the price. Sometimes I even get my viand for free if the servers feel like it. Hehe.

I use what I save to buy my dessert or to use for spare change for a few jeepney rides around the university. On the other hand, let’s not talk about how I indulge in spending money on other things.

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