Resolving resolutions

old woman drinking Coke

August 26, 2007. After the trip to Itogon, we went back to have lunch at UP Baguio. After which was a whole afternoon of writing resolutions and passing them through sessions. It got a little tedious towards the end but interesting and enlightening nonetheless, as it affirmed our solidarity with student councils of other UP System colleges and units.

After the session and the assembly closed, we all headed back to our dormitory. Almost everyone among the Diliman delegates decided to stay for another night and spend another half-day in Baguio. I, however, wanted to get home as soon as possible even though there weren’t classes the next day (Monday). It got pretty late before we all trooped downtown to have dinner. It turned out, that after all the other delegates went their own ways, everyone went to the same place to eat. After dinner, I went to the bus terminal and took the first bus back to Manila.

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