Two middle aged

Tisay ang my nieces

Tisay will be turning two years in a little more than a month. We’ve already trained her to say her name and her age. She says “two,” however, whenever she’s asked “how old are you?” We’ve prepared her a month early, see. Hehe. She can now verbally express a few words and can now answer formula questions among other such tricks for babies. It’s adorable.

I attended the regular family lunch at Emerald Garden last Saturday. I’m not a talker within the extended family, as I rarely engage in the elders’ conversations, nor with my female cousins’ affairs, nor with my nieces and my younger cousin’s conversations. I have, however, come to look forward to this gatherings. The company of the family itself is something I’ve just recently learned to appreciate and value. It gives me that unique and warm feeling of security and comfort.

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