Dressing in drag was not enough

September 05, 2007. Last Wednesday, as a response to some prodding from a few friends in Mass Comm, I auditioned for a Broad Comm 130 class’ “dramedy” pilot episode. I auditioned for the lead role of Lloyd, who, according to the audition ad, was supposed to be a young college freshman who has an expressive face and an innocent appeal. Fair enough, sounds just like me (what?).

When I went to the auditions on Wednesday morning, I found out more about the story, and found myself glad to be auditioning for it, because it tackles an issue close to what we do in STAND-UP. I eventually got the role.

Lloyd’s supposed to be a freshman on the brink of dropping out of school because of financial difficulties due to the tuition and other fee increases (TOFI) imposed on their batch. To save himself from dropping out and from being kicked out of his boarding house, he decides to take on jobs to earn money. Unfortunately for me, one of those jobs turns out to be a nude modeling stint for an art class. I was assured however, that, I need not strip all the way during the shoot. Whew.

But then, yesterday afternoon, a friend of mine from the BC 130 class approached me and revealed that they’ve decided to include a whole body shot after all. In short, I’ll really be in my birthday suit. Oh boy, the things I get myself into. And this pilot episode is to be launched with a concert and all that she-bang, and they even plan to air it on UniversiTV.

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