Hinulugang Taktak, Daranak, Batlag

September 27, 2007. After my only class in the morning, I went with fellow blogger and a brod of mine, Ivan in one of his spur of the moment trips with fellow travelers Gideon and Sai to some falls in nearby Rizal province. We were supposed to go only to Daranak Falls in Tanay, Rizal but we ended up also passing by Hinulugang Taktak in Antipolo and further to Batlag Falls in Tanay, too.

Hinulugang Taktak

Hinulugang Taktak is one of the falls that many of us know, because of the infamous folk song that went “Tara na sa Antipolo, at doon maligo tayo!” and, also because of its proximity to Manila. Unfortunately, it is perhaps because of this proximity to human settlements that the falls seem quite neglected. The waterfalls is visually picturesque but it smelled like detergent from all the residents doing their laundry upstream.

Surrounding the falls is a park where families can have picnics. There’s also a swimming pool downstream. More information at PinoyMountaineer.com

After taking a few photographs with the falls, we proceeded to Tanay, Rizal which was less than an hour away from Antipolo.

Soon enough we found ourselves driving down a valley into a park along the river. After paying the entrance fee, we walked upstream through the park to Daranak Falls itself.

Daranak Falls

Since it had just rained around the area, the falls looked healthy with all the water plunging down to the catch basin. The water wasn’t really too clear with all the weathered matter from upstream, but that’s not a problem. Swimming is allowed, and the water doesn’t smell like detergent as it is in Hinulugang Taktak. The picturesque paradise-like surroundings and its proximity to Manila apparently make it an ideal location for shoots. Anyway, more information at PinoyMountaineer.com.

Daranak Falls

A few minutes walk upstream from Daranak Falls is another falls, Batlag Falls, surrounded by lush vegetation. It is for me, the most picturesque from among the three falls we went to.

Unlike Hinulugang Taktak and Daranak, Batlag Falls is more branched than it is continuously wide. You can also swim in the falls’ catchbasin. We were the only visitors in the area, probably because it was a weekday. From the cottages around, it would seem that Batlag Falls is also a frequent destination for those wanting to have a picnic within lush surroundings and a beautiful cascade of water around them.

Batlag Falls

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