Lloyd of All Trades

Lloyd of all TradesSeptember 14, 2007. Together with my friends in a Broad Comm 130 class, we finally finished shooting Lloyd of all Trades last Wednesday afternoon. This is the same production I mentioned here.

Boy, was that an awkward and odd experience. Lloyd is a Architecture freshman who’s on the verge of dropping out of school and being kicked out of his boarding house because of financial difficulties primarily due to the tuition and other fee increases imposed on their batch in UP. Fortunately (or not) for him, after almost being run over by a jeepney, he overhears two Fine Arts students talking about job opening as a nude model. Despite all his inhibitions, he gives it a thought but immediately calls it off. By some twisted comedic turn of events, his last fifty peso bill flies off from his wallet and he ends up in the nude modeling audition as he chases his bill off.

Lloyd of all TradesWhew. As I mentioned, the part of the shoot where I had to do it was an awkward and odd experience. They made me wear ‘plaster’ but it was not really plaster, it was feminine napkin that I taped above my thing. Boy, taking it off afterwards was such a pain. Only the director and the camera person was in the room during that scene. The shoots took three separate days, mainly due to conflicting schedules of the class’ members. It got agonizingly tedious at some points, but it’s okay. I’m not getting anything financially with this stint, but it was an interestingly funny experience.

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