Retro Fee-ver

We held a cultural protest action in Palma Hall as part of our alliance’s Martial Law week commemoration. The protest was also part of our ongoing call to junk the Tuition and Other Fee Increases policy by the UP Administration, among other repressive policies.

STAND-UP Retro Fee-ver!

We were supposed to hold our program at AS Lobby but we were cut off with electricity just when we began. Fortunately, our friends from All-UP Workers’ Union had their mobile sound system at the hall’s steps, so we proceeded with the protest outside.

The protest was also UP students’ prelude to the multi-sector mobilization the next day for the anniversary of the Marcos Martial Law implementation. Marcos at Gloria, walang pinagkaiba! The way it is right now, Ferdinand Marcos and Gloria Arroyo are no different. The current president has even been proving herself to be much worse.

STAND-UP Retro Fee-ver!

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