The woman is next

Youth protest, September 13 2007September 13, 2007. It was a day after former President Joseph Estrada was convicted of plunder. Groups of students from different schools in Metro Manila marched from Espana to Morayta and near Mendiola under the scorching heat of the sun to demand for greater state subsidy for education. snake rally at Palma HallPrior to the collective march, students from the University of the Philippines gathered at the lobby of Palma Hall in Diliman and held discussions and a program to continue calling for the junking of the Tuition and Other Fee Increases policy and to protest against the demolition of residential communities in UP, among other issues. After the program, the bulk of students held a snake rally through the halls of the building to invite students to join the march.

After bulking up in Palma Hall, we proceeded to Vinzons and boarded jeepneys to Espana. From Espana, we joined other students from other high schools and universities and marched towards Mendiola. When we were stalled by police in Morayta, we decided to talk with onlookers from Far Eastern University. We had interesting discussions with our fellow college students but not after a few minutes when some supervisor herded the FEU students away from us and scolded them for hanging outside their school, and for wearing slippers too. This is the first rally I joined where we laid on the scorching concrete of J. Figueras and held our fists up high. I didn’t have possession of my digital camera that day and the only shot I have is from my cellphone camera (second picture). The first picture is something I just appropriated off the League of Filipino Students website.

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