A month full of more tasks

October 8, 2007. Please bear with the lack of updates. I’m just slugging it out with the heap of final output requirements for this semester. Then, its on to more tasks for the semestral ‘break’.

I just saw some pictures from friends in La Salle who graduated a semester ahead of everyone else. Sometimes, I honestly can’t wait till I graduate myself, just because… um. That’s it. I want to rant but I feel so restrained. People from all spheres of my life from old friends, to new friends, to orgmates, to brods, to family and relatives, to people around me who I don’t exactly know–they all read this blog.

POST-SCRIPT: Dear blog, you have betrayed me. For years, you were always there when I needed to rant and to let off some steam. Now that you’re ‘older’, and more popular, you’re role as my venue for various intimate personal expressions is no more.

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