I’m all around prematurely

October 3, 2007. Posters of Lloyd of All Trades seem to have been plastered on numerous bulletin boards around UP. And I’ve been getting quite some attention from some people. I wish my BC 130 friends chose a more flattering picture, hehe. Oh well, I don’t think there is much I can expect on how humiliating I look when I’m wearing tight jeans and holding a feather duster and a make-up brush. I’ve also seen the pre-final cut when they asked me for a final dubbing session. As always, I cringe when I see myself on screen, it borders disgust sometimes. It’s like I don’t recognize myself. For what it’s worth, at least the butt exposure part was just less than a second. Whew!

It’s the last week of regular classes. As much as I would like to look forward to the semestral break, there’s not much of a break to look forward to, as duties and responsibilities in some of my affiliations shall continue. I shall try to make the most out of it without feeling as burned out as ever.

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