They start calling me Lloyd now

iBox Awards Night, 14k Productions, Lloyd of All Trades

I’ve somewhat envied how Broad Comm students promote and market their productions. Annually, as part of some of their courses’ curricula, they hold festivals, screenings and even awards nights. I’ve always thought Film student productions deserve as much attention. I don’t know, perhaps we Film students are oriented not to treat our works of art as commercially as broadcast productions. I wasn’t expecting the publicity to go such a long way, but I heard the screening drew quite a crowd. If one of my blog entries is an indicator, it seems some UP bloggers even got to see it. It gets pretty weird when, days after the screening, random people ask if I’m Lloyd. Whew. Perhaps it was because of that shot. When Lloyd of All Trades was being screened last October 5, I intentionally missed the three show times. I was not confident enough to show up among the audience and watch myself on screen. And perhaps I was not ready to witness how audiences would react, especially with that embarrassing butt-exposure scene.

A Saturday ago, I attended the Broad Comm 130 classes’ awards night. I wasn’t keen on attending, but due to the prodding of my friends, I decided to go anyway. It was a rewarding experience, despite my not winning the best performance award. Going through the awards night experience with the members of 14k Productions and my other friends in Broad Comm was enough validation. I still feel so honored to be part of their success. Thank you for the experience, the trust and support. Congratulations, everyone!

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