UP CAST semender 2007

There were only a dozen of us who came to the semender. It was fun, nonetheless. I miss having fun with my CAST friends. There were those times that UP CAST (and UP MCO) were my only affiliations and I got to hang out with my org friends a lot. I met my CAST friends in Philcoa and I drove half of us to Calamba, Laguna in the morning of October 26. It was my first long drive south of Manila. We stayed at the rest-house of the family of one of our new members, Kim A. A large and cozy house, I must say. There was a large swimming pool which we had all to ourselves too.

[Yea, incidentally, all film representatives of our college’s student council for the past three years are from UP CAST]. Most of us who came were blockmates. It’s probably our last semender together. Here’s to thesis mode our last semester in UP!

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