Briefly in Cebu

November 3, 2007. My mother, my brother and I were in Cebu City to attend my mother’s college best friend’s dad’s death anniversary affair. My mom and I were also in Cebu the same time last year to pay respects when her friend’s father died. This college best friend of hers was her three-year roommate when they were students at the University of the Philippines. She now lives in Iowa so, I guess my mom takes on every opportunity there is whenever her friend is in the Philippines, even if it takes us all the way to Cebu.

We took one of the earliest flight from Manila to Cebu last Saturday morning. We arrived in Cebu an hour later.

I was glad to be Cebu, albeit it would have been for just 24 hours or so. We checked in our hotel first and had breakfast and then started driving around the city because the death anniversary affair was still at night. Even if it was such a whirlwind ‘tour’, I took it as an opportunity to take photos. My mom, my brother and I then had lunch at Cebu’s Metro Ayala Center mall. We spent the rest of the afternoon resting at our hotel room.

That night we went to mass at some air-conditioned church in the city, with my mom’s college best friend and her family. We then proceeded to have a nice dinner at this place that apparently catered to the old-rich families of Cebu. It felt so elitist, some people in our banquet room were even speaking in Spanish. Well, my mom’s friend apparently belongs to one of the more prominent old-rich clans of the province.

I’ve always wanted to learn to speak Cebuano. It’s been one of my many frustrations, actually. I’ve sometimes had thoughts of relocating outside of Luzon, for the heck of it. But I couldn’t think of any better reason or had there been any opportunities. Anyway, click here for more pictures from our brief Cebu City visit.

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