I shall drag my feet to the end

November 9, 2007. I got all my subjects in our online enlistment, so I didn’t have to go through the batch runs. It’s just sort of weird for me, since I’m used to seeing long lines everywhere in UP during enrollment season, and now that everything’s online, the crowds are gone at any given time the past days in campus.

I was giving out tickets for our free screening of Tulad ng Dati a day or so ago, and I could barely finish disposing of the free tickets because the crowds of students are missing.

Anyhow, classes haven’t even started and I’m already stressing myself out because of this event, among other things. What, it’s also my last undergraduate semester in UP, and oddly I don’t feel that hyped or excited about it. I’m not even in a mood to finish my thesis. It feels like I’m going to have to drag myself to the finish line.

On another note, it’s nice that people see me as a dependable person. It just sucks how too many people and/or affiliations depend on me all at the same time. And that they don’t realize how I have to juggle my tasks with them with other duties I have to perform, too. Sometimes I want to vanish, or be mean enough to say I shall be Mr. Dependable no more.

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