We get tired but we just keep going

November 25, 2007. Where do I start? Again, more than a week has passed since my latest blog entry and I’m now faced with a backlog of chronicles. Simply put, however, the past two weeks has seen a host of fraternity functions and activities which has left me sleepless at times, stressed at others, and oddly accomplished in some moments.

Of course, there’s juggling tasks in my other organizations, and keeping up with the first academic requirements for my last undergraduate semester in the university.

people inside the UP Film Center after a film screening First of all, I would like to thank everyone who came to our 89th anniversary month’s first event, a film screening of Tulad ng Dati by Mike Sandejas ’91. It was the first time my fraternity seniors made me handle an event. It means a lot to me, and I can’t really adequately explain here how much pressure it meant. Nevertheless, I highly appreciate all the support I got from the brods, from Mike ’91 himself, and from my friends. It was a success.

Also, it would seem that I’ve been the frat’s unofficial photographer / documentarist. We’ve had two pictorials the past two weeks and with my aging dSLR, I was assigned to take the pictures. Same goes for all the other functions and events we had. Fair enough. The more recent past days saw hold other events, like our bloodletting contest, and a Gawad Kalinga build. I’ll reserve the chronicle for those two in a later entry.

So, why the need to specify that this is my last undergraduate semester in UP? In a spontaneous spur of decision making, I decided to submit an application form to the UP College of Law–two hours before the extended deadline last Friday. It feel quite self-serving to say I didn’t review, just so I wouldn’t lose face in case I failed. The truth is I did, albeit very minimally. If it’s a matter of personal expectations, however, it doesn’t matter if I pass or fail, as I never really had a strong inclination for law practice. But my parents, brods and friends are in the picture. Partly for them, I shall do my best and hope to pass.

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