Blog vulnerabilities

December 30, 2007. Last December 29, my website just suddenly became inaccessible, and for the past two days, anybody who tried to access it, ended up in an error page. At first I was dumbfounded. True, my web host sent an advisory about a scheduled downtime due to some server migration, but that was supposed to be today, December 30. Perhaps it was one day early, I thought. However, their advisory said it would take at most 24 hours. By tonight, it had been almost two days. I was honestly getting really impatient and pissed. Not that it should really matter, it’s not as if there’s much to lose financially for me. This blog doesn’t even generate a dollar a day from paid advertising.

Anyway, so when my blog got back up, what I saw was a time warp from a week ago. Everything that had been posted after a week ago, from entries to comments and pictures were gone. Good thing, good-ol’ Google keeps back-ups of the internet and I was able to recover what I had written this week. My web host explained that prior to the scheduled server migration (whatever that meant), there was also a server crash. So, since this incident reminded me that this blog, and its 6+ years worth of memories, is vulnerable to such technical malfunctions, and also because I had some disposable e-dollars in my PayPal account, I decided to buy myself a pair of paid/premium accounts at Flickr and LiveJournal. So for now, I’m going on a Multiply hiatus. See me in Flickr instead. And my more personal thoughts shall have a new home in LiveJournal.

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