Burden of non-blogging

Whenever I don’t get to blog for a long time, and the more things that happen in my daily life that I haven’t blogged about, the heavier a certain feeling of baggage becomes for me. It’s like, as long as I don’t blog certain events, I can’t get it off my chest hence it’s quite a drag to move on without putting a definite closure by writing it down in a chronicle. I’ve been blogging my life for more than seven years, and perhaps that length of time has made me feel like if I don’t blog something, it’s as good as forgotten. Unless of course, the experience is something life-changing or extraordinary enough that it shall forever be kept in my consciousness even if I don’t blog about it. Say, something like, my fraternity initiations.

SynchronicitySpeaking of which, the past weeks saw how the Upsilon Sigma Phi staged activities and events one after another for our 89th anniversary. Boy, for a while there, I almost forgot that I had other things to do. All’s well, as it’s almost over. We’re culminating everything tomorrow, DECEMBER 11, with a FREE CONCERT featuring UP Jazz Ensemble, Peacepipe, UpDharmaDown, Pinikpikan, Eileen Sison & Guarana and the Family Cruz Band. It’s going to be from 7 PM till midnight at the UP Theater. Again, like our film screening of Tulad ng Dati, it’s free admission. You may come in even without a ticket invite! See you all there tomorrow.

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