Dissent without action is consent

November 30 2007 multi-sectoral protest action

“Dissent without action is consent.” I was reminded of this when I came across Arbet Bernardo’s blog. This was one of the things Brig. Gen. Danilo Lim expressed during the recent standoff that happened in Makati a few days ago. As a comment to the entry, Jhay Rocas had this to say, “It has the same meaning with this anecdote: If you see an elephant stepping down on a mouse’s tail, and the mouse cries out to you for help. If you say that you don’t want to get involved and would like to stay neutral, your neutrality doesn’t help the oppressed mouse. It helps the elephant!” to which I offered affirmation with a quote, “Silence and neutrality helps the oppressor, never the oppressed.” As a reply to another comment here in my blog, I said, “Though I don’t condone the method they used to undertake their “˜rebellion’, may I remind you that the President has quelled all legal and “˜peaceful’ venues. Elections? Rigging. Impeachment? Bribes. Investigations? Silence. Executive Orders. Propaganda.

True, there’s a more democratic and peaceful way for the people to express their outrage. The venue’s on the streets. Though the State answers dissent on the streets with barricades, water canons and violent dispersals, it’s the only potent means of challenging the administration that is available to the ordinary Filipino.” Borrowing words from V, from V for Vendetta; if the crimes of this government remain unknown to you, then fine, follow the government’s propaganda of economic stability and political unity and allow the recent spur of events to pass unmarked. But if you see what Trillanes and company see, if you feel what they feel, then take a stand, and let their expression of outrage be not the last. To end this entry, let me quote a source I unfortunately forget as of the moment. It went like this, “If there’s one thing that history teaches us, it is that bystanders and tyrants are on the same side.”

November 30 2007 multi-sectoral protest action [photos of the Nov. 30, 2007 multi-sectoral mabilization courtesy of Tope Canela]

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