Ultimate Kapampangan Show-off Tour (III)

December 15, 2007. I think this is probably the highlight of the entire tour. After visiting churches and ancestral houses, the tour masters Ivan Henares, Ivan Mandy, Anton Diaz and Spanky Enriquez took us to the Bale Dutung home of Claude and Maryann Tayag in Angeles, Pampanga for their famed exclusive lunch experience. Oh boy. Who would’ve thought a slow delightfully satisfying lunch for four hours is possible. It’s not the type of lunching where you devour your food because it’s just so good, rather, it’s the type where you just keep eating and eating at your own delightfully slow pace in such a cozy ambience and a cool environment. The crispy pritson was my favorite. Aside from that there was also pako salad, binulong na manok soup, pritong hito, kare-kareng dagat, sisig puso and pata mole. There were of course, the excellent sauces that come with everything. The taba ng talangka was my favorite. Our rice, on the other hand, came in cone shaped wrapped banana leaves.

IMG_7183.JPG Bale Dutung Pako Salad at Bale Dutung Pritson at Bale Dutung sauces at Bale Dutung Talong Boat at Bale Dutung
Bale Dutung Sisig Puso at Bale Dutung Pata Mole at Bale Dutung Smoked Tilapia at Bale Dutung Fried Hito at Bale Dutung Seafood Kare-Kare at Bale Dutung

In between servings, I had to leave my seat and walk around the house to make room for more servings, which was equally delightful, with the warm and peaceful ambience and all the wooden art pieces and other such furniture. I also found myself being engaged in conversations by Maryann and Claude, who were very hospitable, accomodating and generous hosts.

Also present for lunch with us was Pampanga Governor Ed Panlilio.

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