Upsilon Month 2007 (Part II)

On December 4, we held our “˜infamous’ Car Stuffing event. Mechanics simplified, the organization who stuffs the most number of people inside a car wins a hefty ten thousand pesos.

One organization, UP ICTUS, had been winning the contest for the past four years. This year, thirteen organizations participated, and through a tie-breaker round, UP CURSOR took home the honor and the prized sum. They fit in thirty people inside the vehicle. UP ICTUS finished second.

Interestingly, a few years ago, our car stuffing event was co-sponsored by my student political party’s rival party, which from then on earned our event the traditional criticism, from my friends, of being irrelevant. Hehe. Admittedly, sans all the other events and activities with hints of social relevance, we do our car stuffing event largely and simply because it’s really just fun.

Upsilon Month 2007 This year, we also had a Food Stuffing activity as an intermission event. The team of four who finishes a plateful of spaghetti, cakes, pansit, among other foodstuffs the fastest, wins three thousand pesos. A team from the College of Arts and Letters won.

Upsilon Month 2007

Anyway, apparently, almost three thousand stems of roses weren’t enough for the ladies of UP Diliman. On the day itself, we ran out of flowers before we could visit all the ladies’ dormitories on campus. So, a week after, on December 5, we did another round of singing at Kamia and Sampaguita residence halls.

On December 7, those of us from Diliman joined our brods in UP Manila for our car stuffing event in the Padre Faura campus. Phi Lambda Delta Sorority won the competition. Twenty-nine (29) of them fit in the car that night. We also held a touch-my-car contest at the side. The person who remains in contact with my car (yes, we really used my car) the longest time withstanding all the extra challenges wins two thousand pesos. Two people shared the prize that night.

Upsilon Month 2007

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