On to the Manila North Cemetery

Avenida Rizal corner Recto, Manila Rizal Avenue - Recto Avenue intersection, Manila

January 14, 2008Continued from here. Soon enough I found myself along Avenida Rizal where I was supposed to get on a train to Manila North Cemetery. Since I had no idea where exactly to alight nearest to my destintion, I swallowed my shallow pride and asked for directions. The ticket teller at the LRT told me to get off at R. Papa Station to get to the cemetery. Because as I’ve said earlier, I’d rather get lost than ask for directions another time, I didn’t bother to confirm if I was going the right way for fear of looking like a camera-toting tourist.

When I got to R. Papa I had already felt uneasy as I knew it was too near the end of the LRT line in Monumento, Caloocan. True enough, I was surprised that the cemetery looked like a city of Chinese shrines and all the mausoleums looked like small Chinese temples. Apparently the ticket teller thought I wanted to get to the Chinese Cemetery instead of the Manila North Cemetery. By then, I conceded and finally asked for more directions. I eventually got on a jeepney to Blumentritt. Since it was getting too hot and I was getting exhausted, I didn’t mind that I kept asking if I was going the right way. After walking the entire length of Blumentritt, I eventually found myself at the Manila North Cemetery. I didn’t bother taking photos anymore, however. I was thinking of strolling around the cemetery to scout for a nice spot to shoot. Lest I forget, the North Cemetery is one of the largest cemeteries in the country. It even has a system of tricycles to transport people around. After speaking with the officers in charge, I walked all the way back the length of Blumentritt to Rizal Avenue.

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