Remembering EDSA People Power II

January 12, 2008. [Actually, hindi ako kasama noong People Power 2]. I am honestly ashamed to remember what I was doing during People Power 2 seven years ago, because I was exactly the type of person back then that I detest today–a prude conservative who refused to join the urban middle-class disruption that was brewing, even in our sheltered Ateneo High School. I honestly can’t stomach the things I’ve written in my “online journal” back then, hence they’re not available in my blog’s present archives. Back then, it became quite fashionable among Ateneans to be joining all those walk-outs and indoor rallies. I refused to believe that my classmates, and most other rich kids in my high school for that matter, knew what they were doing, and I thought it was all just a fashionable lynch mob at the covered courts endorsed even by the entire faculty at that time. I was confident that all along, my schoolmates simply thought it was so cool that we had faculty-endorsed free cuts. Back then, I (already) really disliked Vice-President Gloria Arroyo so much, I would rather that President Estrada stayed in Malacanang than have him replaced with that woman and everyone else who surrounded her. (Boy, what an ominous gut feel).

Back then, I was aware that I didn’t know enough to condemn President Estrada as guilty, so I just stayed home. (Not that I would be allowed to join rallies, anyway). Back then, probably because Loyola Heights and my home were the only environments I was exposed to, and simply because I was just a first-year high school student, I was naive enough to actually subscribe to administration propaganda. I felt like the rallies were all just an elite, middle-class uprising, void of support from the wide masses who adored the President. Tangina, nakakahiya. Naging ganyan talaga ako noon. And right now, I feel like I have switched places with my peers. Those people who questioned me (and there were quite a handful) for not joining the rallies in Ateneo are the ones who refuse to join the present rallies to demand that President Arroyo, who has obviously turned out to be terribly worse, to step down and be accountable for all her crimes. Funny, because they use, more or less, the same reasons I used to have back then. My God, what a paradigm shift. These make me say that there really are some things I don’t understand with some people. With conditions and scandals so much worse now than during President Estrada’s term, what made them join the fury and the mob back then but cannot compel them to do the same now? Hay, how weird some people can get.

Beterano ako ng EDSA2!Seven years “” yes, seven years “” have passed since the four days that redefined People Power culminated in the ouster of the president with the biggest electoral mandate in Philippine history and we in Bloggers Kapihan invite you to remember. Just write about your People Power 2 experiences, post memorabilia like photos and videos. Simply put, we want you to act by picking up a pen or going to the computer to tell your story, your version of what happened on Jan. 16-20 and your dreams for the country. Others for instance, may choose to fast forward to 2008 and assess what has happened to the country seven years since People Power 2. Were we betrayed? Were our efforts wasted by some persons who benefited from it? Is it a national failure, or a warning that a similar fate may befall the incumbent? To make this all worthwhile and useful to ourselves and the world, BK will open a special website at (please don’t forget to link to it and this post) where we will put your posts and feature the really good ones. Let this be our humble contribution to reviving our pride in ourselves as a people, and to inspiring all of us never to lose hope for the only country we can call our own. Don’t let others to rewrite People Power 2 as if it meant nothing. We made history in 2001 and now’s a good time to remember and to write it the way we saw and see it.

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