UP Law Aptitude Exam (LAE) 2008 Results

January 22, 2008. The past days, I’ve prematurely been receiving tips that the entrance exam results of UP Law School College of Law are out, although they haven’t been posted at Malcolm Hall yet. I tried to confirm it, but couldn’t find any list, so I just shrugged them off as rumors of anxiety. Early this morning, a flood of messages of congratulations came through SMS. Indeed, a list of passers were finally posted at UP Law, and fortunately, I was in it.

I can’t adequately explain how grateful and relieved I felt when I heard of the news. Prior to the release of the results, I didn’t know what to do or how to plan my life after undergraduate graduation. And that has caused me some anxiety for some time now. Well, the exam results don’t completely ensure one’s admission. Now, there are the dreaded interviews to prepare for and worry about. Apparently, everyone in the list has to go through the interviews, as opposed to granting direct admission to the top passers. Only around 200 out of the 300 passers will be granted admission to UP Law after the interviews. Congratulations to everyone else who passed! There were familiar names and friends on the list. I hope we all eventually see each other in Malcolm Hall.

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