Campaign in the dormitories

Ligwakan sa Yakal 2008
One of the anticipated parts in the campaign for the student council elections is the series of dorm tours. Dorm tours are face-off / debate events organized by the different dormitories in UP Diliman where they invite the parties and the candidates in the university student council elections, grill them and pit them against one another through questions. Questions may range from the serious and the political to the silly and funny. Sometimes, they make the candidates play games and make them dance around–all in the spirit of good fun and camaraderie among rival candidates and students. In Yakal Residence Hall, a few nights ago, they made all the male candidates form a line, with no two partymates beside each other. They made us pass a around a piece of calling card with our mouths and without using our hands. Suck and Blow, they call it. Whew.

Kalayaan Residence Hall renovation
Speaking of dormitories, a few weeks ago, we were invited to the launching dinner of the renovated lobbies and offices of Kalayaan Residence Hall, the dormitory in UP Diliman exclusive to freshmen. Forgive me but the English equivalent of maaliwalas escapes me right now, but that is how I’d describe the new lobby and TV area. A few days from now, I’ll be back in Kalayaan for the dorm tour. See you there.

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