From the rotten house

February 6, 2008. When I got home late last night, I turned on the TV to watch parts of the proceedings in the House of Representatives. As everyone knows, an overwhelming majority of the House voted to oust Rep. Jose de Venecia from his leadership as Speaker. One of his sons may be one of my friends, but I didn’t feel any sort of sympathy for the Speaker as he was betrayed by his fellows in Congress and by the administration he has so fervently supported and defended all these years. For me, the circus in Congress and his consequent ouster was a natural phase of decay in a rotten institution. It is natural for a rotten body to decay and destroy itself. It’s sickening how the words change and reform were raped by the congressmen last night. What change and reform are they talking about? They are largely the very institution that sustains the status quo. Their political maneuverings only seek to preserve the prevailing order of an Arroyo-controlled government and all its crimes. My god, I’ve rarely heard that much bullshit in one night. It can only come from Congress! If we should be certain about one thing, it is that congressmen are some of the last people who will be real agents of change in this country, for they are those who thrive in our present and tragic condition and social order. There are some who fear that the events of the past days only reinforce the theory that the President and her family are preparing to maneuver its way into post-2010 control of the government. Scary thought, but all too probable.

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