Oh sleep elusive

February 25, 2008. One of the things candidates are asked to refrain from doing is to allow people to see them tired. But in all honestly, nakakapagod talaga ang mangampanya sa Diliman. Trying to reach out to more than twenty thousand students without the aid of mass media, except through print flyers and posters, is a daunting task. One has to try and go to every class and reach every student in a campus that covers hundreds of hectares. Ten campaign days is barely enough to accomplish such task. I need sleep, it’s one thing I haven’t gotten enough of the past week, nor will I be getting much of in the coming week. Pero kinakaya naman. It’s all in the spirit of relaying our campaign not just for the elections but for student involvement and collective action especially given the political crisis the country is facing, and for greater involvement in other issues that concern the university and the nation at that.

Tisay Tisay

I was able to gain some time off from training and campaigning yesterday, so I went home and spent time with the family. Being able to play with our foster kid Tisay is such a great stress-reliever. Amazing how an adorable kid can bring so much joy, not just to me but to my family. I wonder how our adoption papers are doing now. Okay, this is turning out to be an incoherent entry.

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