Film thesis almost done!

March 26, 2008. My thesis partner and I defended our thesis short film yesterday morning. It’s finally over. Congrats, James! I’m glad that all the stress and sleepless nights editing and arguing over how our thesis shall develop or look like are over.

Yesterday was quite stressful. I woke up with a headache, and after taking three doses of ibuprofen the entire day, it barely toned down. And I had the luck of having to take a two hour exam for Sociology 101 after defending my thesis. I felt like going on a painful trance. I barely studied, and with a headache, it was quite excruciating how I had to extract whatever stocked knowledge I had regarding the subject matter. After filling up my blue book with words, I couldn’t recognize what I had written.

Anyway, I had just been to the second day of theses defense and screening at Cine Adarna, and I came out feeling proud of everyone in my batch at the UP Film Institute, with their brilliant pieces of work. Ah, I hope our talents will not be in vain when we pursue our careers in the “real-world” media / entertainment industry. Everyone’s works made me feel quite insecure, honestly. Joaqs just had to punctuate the day with his Bulong. It made me feel like my film is crap. High production value, multi-layered material, it’s that excellent.

But before I can say that thesis is finally over, we still have to work on and finish the written hard-bound part and submit them next week. Till then, let us hold on to what’s left of our film student days.

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