An unceremonial end

April 7, 2008. I passed by UP last Monday to do some errands. I didn’t have any more undergraduate classes left, only a handful of final academic requirements. I met with some friends at the Batibot in Mass Comm, and hung out for an hour or so. I also argued with my thesis partner one last time, regarding our written thesis. Last Friday, I passed my last academic requirement ever for my undergraduate years in college. It was a final paper for PI 100. After sending it by email and receiving my grade, it felt quite anticlimactic. Was that it? Am I done with BA Film & Audio-Visual Communication? I don’t have anything else to do to complete my course? I had expected it to feel liberating but it wasn’t quite like that.

I also had my entrance interview at the UP College of Law last Friday. I had expected that my panelists would question me with regards to some of my affiliations. They did, but not as harshly as I had expected, thankfully. I’m looking forward to entering law school, but I’m really apprehensive. I don’t know what to do yet, if I don’t pass the interview.

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