Appetite and string music

Quatuor Diotima string quartet

April 24, 2008. I went with a friend to this free string quartet concert at Philam Life Theater in Ermita, Manila a week ago. It was the first time I witnessed a live string quartet concert. The concert was by a quartet called Quatuor Diotima from France. There was quite a number of French expats in the theater, and because it was free-admission there were also all sorts of people, including nuns and even street children, which is a nice thing, for a concert of music traditionally associated with the wealthy.

I actually fell asleep a number of times during the performance, not because I found it boring, but it’s really just an unconscious habit of mine. Sitting inside air-conditioned theaters make me really sleepy. A few nights ago I watched Ploning with the same friend, and I think I fell asleep for around fifteen minutes in between the movie.

After the concert, we walked around Ermita scouting for places to eat. We ended up walking around for an hour before we settled to have late dinner at a Chinese restaurant.

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