April birthdays

April 22, 2008. Hi, folks. I haven’t been updating lately. Though it’s summer, and I’m just supposed to be waiting for my graduation day, my days are actually filled with meetings and activities and last week, dinner-outs and other such gimmicks. My mother and brother celebrate their birthdays within the same week in April. Needless to say, last week was filled with dinner-outs and take-outs and food at home. Last Monday, we celebrated my younger brother’s birthday with a hearty dinner-out at Italianni’s restaurant in Trinoma Mall. After dinner, we strolled a bit and came across this large picture of a little girl which looked like Tisay. Funny, she was the one who actually ran towards it and screamed her name.

Last Thursday, on the other hand, after spending the day with my mom in our Bulacan hometown, we celebrated her birthday at Crustasia restaurant, also in Trinoma with some of her college friends. Looking at my calendar, it would also seem to me that April is the month most filled with birthdays of family, friends and acquaintances.

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