I should draw my line

April 14, 2008. My lower limbs are still sore right now. Last Sunday, I ran with some brods at the On Your Mark – Draw the Line Run-For-A-Cause run at the Bonifacio Global City in Taguig, due to the prodding of one of our brods who’s very passionate about running. Do visit his Run For Change blog for more info, like schedules of other runs!

It was my last run after the Subic Marathon run (where I ran the 10 kilometer route), and that was months ago. I also woke up at 5:30 AM, just half an hour before the start of the run. And come on, I live in Quezon City! Believe it or not, however, I made it to Taguig all the way from Diliman in under thirty minutes (yes, I did not take a shower before leaving the house anymore).

Because I didn’t warm up, nor did I train, nor do I even run regularly, I ended up getting really exhausted quite early on in the race. It wasn’t a very happy feeling. Just after we reached the 3-kilometer mark, I asked Lester, my running companion, to run ahead as I really couldn’t keep up, and I felt like I was just slowing him down. As a consolation, I did have a hearty breakfast right after the run. Hay, I do think I should practice running more. Today as I was to leave the house, I felt even more unfit, literally, as I could barely fit into one of my slacks which I used to wear a lot a few years ago. I guess I should watch what I eat too, I guess.

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