Last few days as an undergrad

UP Diliman
April 23, 2008. A few days before graduation day, the college held a recognition rites practice. I took it as a time to reacquaint myself with my batchmates in college. I went around asking what they planned to do after graduation, among other such questions. I also volunteered to appear in the graduation AVP a batchmate of mine was making for the recognition rites. After the shoot, I had lunch with some college friends at Beach House.

I left the group a little after I finished my meal, and roamed around the Acad Oval by myself taking random photos. I was trying to romanticize the feeling of nostalgia just before graduation, but it didn’t feel quite like that. At the back of my head I say, I’m not leaving UP, anyway. There’s no use dramatizing graduation rites, at least for me.

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