More years to think about what to do with my life

April 25, 2008. A few weeks ago, I went to the UP College of Law for the interview portion of my application process. I was really apprehensive. I was among the last applicants to be interviewed from among the almost-300 who applied, and I was thinking the panelists would have probably heard everything from all the interviewees, and there’s probably nothing else I would say that would please them.

Just a few days after that, the list of eligible enrollees came out and I was fortunate enough to be included in it. One of my brods asked me why I didn’t blog about it. With all modesty, I didn’t want to make it too known, as I am not too keen on attracting too much attention and expectations that I don’t want to be pressured to fulfill.

A few days ago, I submitted my letter of intent to enroll at the UP College of Law. I’m excited, yes, but I’m really also quite anxious about it. I’m graduating from my undergraduate college with a degree in Film this Sunday, and honestly, if I didn’t get accepted into UP Law, I wouldn’t know what to do after. Here’s to four (or more) years of studying in UP!

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